Wild Growth Hair Oil Ingredients | Side Effects

Wild Growth Hair Oil Ingredients | Side Effects

As provided by product page Wild Growth Hair Oil consists of an uncompromisingly rich plant based formula that hydrates, conditions and softens for more manageable hair. Dry, tangled and hard to manage hair will become soft, healthy and less prone to split ends and hair breakage. The hair oil promotes strong, thick hair growth for all hair types.

Following are the ingredients:

1. Olive oil (virgin and refined)
2.Coconut oil’s (virgin and refined)
3. Jojoba Oil
4. Pro vitamin A and E.
5. Other nutritional factors: vitamin D (ergocalciferol), choline, inostol, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, Natural Color and Fragrance

These are the common side effects:

  • Greasy Scalp Irritation
  • May work or may not work, sometimes increases hair fall.
  • If you have fine straight hair that’s on the oily side I wouldn’t really recommend it. I have the same hair type and even five drops of this makes my hair feel and look like a pile of grease
  • Hair thinning