When your child loves you more | Parental Guidance

When your child loves you more

  • When you give greatest gift for your child
  • The greatest gift for the children is giving back the childhood which is stolen by parents with various restrictions.
  • Provide complete freedom to child
  • Encourage to do yoga meditation and exercises
  • Spend most of the time with children
  • Take a short walk with them, so they can interact with nature
  • Take the children to village where they can see complete greenery
  • Remove fear by making them strong
  • Explain them properly about their behavior towards emotions like anger and jealous
  • Promote helping nature like giving money to beggars etc,..
  • Allow them to invent new things, do not discourage their activities which leads to disappointment
  • Allow them to play in open environment and communicate with other children
  • Do not count how much time you are spending with your children, count the valuable time which you are sparing for them.