Prevent over restrictions upon your children | Parental Guidance

Prevent over restrictions upon your children 

  • Parents will work hard to make their children happy and they expect their children to walk in the same direction which they like but it will restrict their freedom and unable to take self decisions.
  • Constantly when the parents say “i could not achieve it, so i want at least you will fulfil my dreams”. It will cause over stress and burden on children
  • Before you say about your opinion allow your children to tell about their interests and encourage for them. If it is right ask them to continue in the same path to achieve their goals. If you fell it is a wrong decision try to explain them positively without hurting them
  • Do not stress your children by restricting their play, watching TV, communicating with other and always they have to be with only book. It will not give any development to your children and the love and bonding between your child and parents will be reduced
  • Encourage for extracurricular activities which helps in physical and mental development. It will also improve the child education, concentration and self confidence levels
  • Know your children dreams and goals, and provide a path to reach them. So they reach the heights in their life