Diabetic Rice Benefits | Side Effects

Diabetic Rice Benefits | Side Effects

Diabetic Rice is becoming popular day by day. The diabetic patients had to follow the strict diet regime. Now this variety of rice could make these diabetics to eat normally without being worried about their health. Derived from regular paddy by postharvest processing technology, by obtaining rice rich in nutrients and low in GI. Diabetic rice is a 100% organically treated natural, common rice with Glycemic Index below 50 (42-48) and with nil aesenic content. WHO recommends Diabetic and Obesity patients to consume only food below 55 GI ( low Glycemic Index). GI reduced Rice is ideal for Diabetic and Obesity patients.

Diabrice has no significant change in color, order, appearance or taste when cooked from the normal rice. It can be used for cooking any rice recipes like Appam, Idli, Idiayappam, Dosa including our daily meals.  Diabetic patients can have sumptuous rice meals without the fear of rising their sugar level and the regular use of Diabrice will manage your sugar level.

The following are the benefits of Diabetic rice.

  • Diabrice rice is highly nutritious.
  • Contains many vitamins, proteins
  • GI value tells how rapidly a particular carbohydrate turns
  • Suitable for Diabetics.
  • Is Fat Free

The following is a list of possible side effects that may occur.

  • No Reported side effects.